Looking to rent in Jacksonville Florida

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Hi BP Community. 

This post is an off-topic when it comes to real estate investing but I am looking for market dynamics for Jacksonville, FL for a rentee.

I will be moving to Jacksonville, In July/Aug. I know nothing about the city. My office is near the Cecil and Herlong Recreational Airports (highway 228). I was looking for an apartment complex to live in within a 15-mile radius of the office. Right now,  I have been looking in areas like Jacksonville Heights, Cedar Hills and Hyde Park. Most likely, I will not be able to view the facility/area before I move in. I know nothing about these areas and want to rent in a safe, but an affordable community. A specific community I have researched, Edens Edge, seems like a nice destination to me, but looking at mixed reviews I am unsure. Also there was a shooting in the area in 2014.

As I mentioned, I am looking for insights on the communities Southwest of the City. Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.