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Hi, I a new investor in Jacksonville. I would like to know which neighborhood is recommended to buy and rent house? My budget is 50-70k. I made my research online and the recommended neighborhood are not in this budget. 

Recently came across this list:

We examined 196 of Jacksonville’s neighborhoods to find out the worst places to live. These places don’t quite measure up to Jacksonville’s reputation.

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Jacksonville according to data:

  1. Midtown
  2. Lackawanna
  3. Allendale
  4. Edgewood
  5. Commonwealth
  6. East Jacksonville
  7. Kennel Club
  8. Hogan’s Creek
  9. Tallyrand
  10. Royal Terrace

This seem about right for this who know the area?  Is there value in these neighborhoods? 

These Are The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Jacksonville For 2018

Jacksonville is very big in area.  I turn on the news and often hear neighborhood names that I didn't know existed.  Neighborhoods east of the river seem to be considered safer and more desirable.  Neighborhoods in north-west Jacksonville inside the 295 beltway are considered dangerous.  There are food desserts in this area as well. 

We have a Section 8 rental in Lackawanna. Tenant has been favorable and has signed a lease for a third year. We always get our payments on time from JHA. The area isn't the safest, but I wouldn't rate it this bad.

Thank you wife and I are relocating to JAX within the year.  I've read conflicting reports about area neighborhoods/trends and am interested of the thoughts on those on the front lines rather than direction on some website article.  (There are areas in my neck of the woods that I would discourage colleagues to invest)

@Bill Chausse   My husband and I are just getting started.  We are renting our former residence and we just purchased my brother's house that he was using as a rental because he moved out of state.  We are not truly on the front lines yet.  We are taking some time to recover financially from the purchase and educate ourselves before the next deal.  In the mean time, I am looking at areas I am familiar with Arlington and Southside area for now.  

I will agree with the statement about certain streets to avoid. For example in Arlington...I wouldn't want to buy on Justina Road but I lived in a couple blocks from there and felt safe to run at all times of day.

A guy is offering a renovated house in the 3000 block of Myra in Murray Hill for $169 per sq ft. Glad I bought my MH homes at $20 per square.

Hi. Can somebody give me a ball figure of how it is to build on a vacant lot in 32209 and 32254? One is commercial (1000 vacant) and the other is zoned RLD-60 from Lands Available.

Be VERY careful when buying tax deeds or looking at vacant land in Jacksonville. Many of these so-called great deals have NO access from roads and many have silly 5 year stipulations from banks that the deeds cannot be built on. So always, always, always do a title search on them and know what you are buying. We have a client who has a bunch of useless deeds until the city ever decides to build a road in front of it. 

For those looking to buy deals in 32209, this comes from the local newspaper:

A little over 20 percent of the 87 homicides in 2018 took place in just one ZIP Code: 32209, according to a database tracked by the Times-Union. The 18 homicides in that ZIP Code — which is in Northwest Jacksonville and has more black residents of any other — makes it the deadliest in the city.

It was also the deadliest ZIP Code in 2017.

And in 2016.

It has the lowest median household income — $22,288. It has the second highest poverty rate, 40 percent.

Read more here.

@ Jack Bobeck I was going to say that there HAS to be some streets in that zip code that are better than the rest of the zip, but if potential renter/buyer sees "32209" and immediately rules it out, then the impact is real. 

@Thomas Yip - Why bother looking for nicer streets in a warzone? The banks, the insurers, they all see the zip code and you may have the nicest block in the zip code, but its still treated the same. There are too many nicer zip codes, why bother with warzones? 

@Kobi Pesi I am closing on a rental in Magnolia Gardens this week and I heard Northshore is a good area too for rentals. Not sure if Northshore has properties in that price range but I think so. What I've done is find properties that meet my criteria then I go research the area to see if it's up to my standards. If you try to find the area first, then it might be a bit overwhelming. Best of luck!