Long Distance Investing Jacksonville

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Hello everyone! I'm beginning my journey in long distance investing (I'm based out of NYC), and have been really interested in the Jacksonville market. I'm specifically looking for a single family home or duplex to buy as a rental property. I'm in search of an investor friendly Real Estate Agent and PM to start working with. Would love any references! Also really curious to talk to any other long distance investors if there are any in this forum :) 

sounds like you have some good leads already. I would also add that Elenis Camargo (also a BP member) would be great for you to connect with. She and her husband moved down to Jax from NY and run a property management company that I just hired to manage the two properties I'll be closing on within a week. If you're looking for appreciation AND cash flow, Miami is definitely not where I would encourage you to look, as a Miami resident...unless, of course, you're willing to buy in a horrible location where bullets fly every night of course, in which case feel free to go for it.