Hello Everyone!

My name is Trey Doss and I am a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams in Jupiter FL. I have been on BP for a few months trying to figure out how I can make it in the world of real estate investing with a middle class income and small network. The answer of course is to increase both my income and network through real state sales! So I now am ready to help everyone here who is looking to south Florida for an investment, a new home, to sell their property, a vacation house, a warm place in winter, a rental or someone to develop a business partnership with. I promise to go above and beyond for my clients, as I understand the importance of a focused and knowledgable agent. Our market down here is very competitive, but the area is a hotbed of business expansion and will prove to be a lucrative market for a long time. If anyone wishes to contact me here at bigger pockets. Good luck everyone, I look forward to hearing from you!

Treyan Doss, REALTOR®