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I am working on getting my sales associate license currently will be done by late March 2018. I am looking for a broker in the Fort Myers area (I live in Naples) who offers excellent training and who either has 80/20 split, 50/50 if they offer superior training and low fees to start, or 100% commission, want to keep monthly fees to about $50/ month if possible. My current profession is Sales Manager for Lennox industries, I am bringing my sales expertise to the real estate field which would be a vital asset in closing deals. I am doing it do be involved in house hacking for myself, as well as real estate investing for clients, buying, and selling. I am going to keep my current job, and would be available M-F after 5PM, Sat. &Sun., I could also have some flexibility to meet with clients during daytime or mornings if needed. Any info. you have on brokers in the area is helpful. Thank you for your help. Wishing everyone a prosperous 2018.

Hi Justin. Congrats on taking this big step.

Personally, I'm a fan of Barclays Real Estate Group. They've got an office Downtown Fort Myers and one in Naples as well. Most newly licensed agents start on a 70/30 for only $30 a month out of pocket.  They have training every Wednesday at 9am, which might not be available to you in while still working for Lennox, but they also offer some trainings on nights and weekends. Additionally, many of the agents will happily offer guidance.

I'm rarely use my sales license as I've got a full time appraisal company to run, but I hang mine there and couldn't imagine being elsewhere. Hit me up if you want any more info. 

Yes I am interested if your meaning 70% commission to you and 30% to Barclays? And, low fees $30/month is fair. Thank you for your help Seth! It sounds like Barclays maybe a good fit for me, would like to interview with someone to see if it is a fit.  My # is 2396823392.

PM me.

Hi @Justin Zanella , you will be a great real estate agent as you sound very committed. I am with Keller williams, 70/30 split, which has superior training and is a technology company that invests heavily in their agents and technology which every company needs in today's internet age.

We have offices in fort myers, bonita springs, naples, and marco island. I can set you up with an interview with our Fort Myers team leader if you would like to interview. I will send you a PM.

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