New Investor in Orlando - Eager to Learn & Ready to Get Started!

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Hey BP! I'm a young professional in the Orlando, FL area (Winter Garden specifically) and am so excited to be here!

I have a 9-5 "day job" but am looking at real estate investment as a means to establish supplemental income to first build a solid financial foundation for my wife and I before we start a family, and second to build long-term, generational wealth that I build throughout my lifetime.

I'm not needing real estate to be my primary source of income or a means of quick cash. Instead, I'd like to learn how to use it wisely to give us some breathing room as we get started so we aren't so dependent on my salary. At least that's what I think is best for my short-term goal.

What I'm primarily looking for here in these forums is to get connected in the area. I know that the most valuable place to start is by getting to know others who are already actively involved and are willing to have a conversation about where to begin.

Where I'm at in my real estate education is still relatively elementary. I've read a number of books, am currently plowing through the BP podcast, and have attended a few webinars. However I'm eager to learn as much as I can so that I'm able to make an informed decision regarding what "niche" starts me down the road that is most likely to help me achieve my financial goals.

I know the Orlando area is large, and I'm sure there are a ton of meetups and networking events available. Would be so thankful for some suggestions of which ones have been most helpful for people in the area! Or of course would just love any perspective or advice on where to get started.

Anyways...thanks so much in advance for taking the time to respond.

All the best to you!

@Brandon Reed Welcome to biggerpockets. It was nice not to read an intro that said "I'm going to wholesale my way to the top and then flip 100 houses and then buy 5000 rentals, who is ready to tell me their secrets" 

Hey @Justin Stamper thanks for the response! Yeah it seems there is a lot of the "I'm going to take over the work of real estate!" mentality out there haha. Definitely excited to learn more about where this can take me and my family...but not quite sure I'm ready to say I'm going to take over the world ;). 

Hey Brandon. I'm in the same boat. I have a 9-5 and am looking to invest on the side for short term and long term growth. I'm in the Longwood area. I haven't had my first deal yet (getting married in April and that is taking up a chunk of time and money. I got my real estate license over the summer to save $ on commission when it's time to sell flips and to learn more about all sides of investing.

Anyway, welcome to BP and good luck in your investing moving forward.

@Scott Alfano I was in a really similar position in April of 2014. Getting married and starting out. There are so many expenses involved in that stage of life! Best of luck to you and yours as you get going :). Thanks for the reply!

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