Best FHA Lenders for House Hack

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking at purchasing a MFH soon and i've begun the process of researching different lenders in the area.  As I bank with PNC, I started with them first, but they may not be the best fit for my needs. 

I'm just curious if anyone has had any experiences getting FHA Loans to House Hack on the Orlando forums and with who. Can be a local bank/credit union or one of the major players. Thanks!

There will be little difference between lenders in terms of programs, it will really come down to the level of service you receive. Carl Russel with Federal Savings Bank is a good dude to talk to

@Cimarron Carter Some large banks have huge profit margins built into the rate they offer you just by raising it by .25%.  I also check with a broker to price out rates.  

John Croke with Trustco has consistently and easily beaten any competitors rates for my wife’s buyer clients (~16 of them this year). Worth giving a call to compare with others. Shoot me a message if you want contact details. 

We haven't actually closed a deal with them yet, but we have been using Movement Mortgage and have been really pleased with their quick responses and flexibility to work with us as investors.

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