Scheduling Meetings in Atlanta

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Interested to schedule meetings in Atlanta with potential lenders (hard money as well), investors and bankers between November 20th-December 20th. We need to discuss finding long term financing for our current offices and single family homes, and setting up acquisition financing for future growth

I may know of a couple commercial bankers to introduce you too.

I too am looking for investors who wish to invest in a private placement as silent investors with a preferred return.  I have a 16 year track record as an investor with very favorable yields.  Investor deck is in the final stages.  If interested please contact me.  Accredited investors only please.

I am interested in connecting with potential lenders as well. I have five single family home rentals that are owned outright and I am seeking for them to be cash out refi-ed. Once I have a lender relationship that is a good fit, I will be looking to rapidly continue my expansion within the Atlanta market. Thanks in advance for any referrals.

I'm a member in a local REIA, , there's many lenders as members and they speak on their benefits. I think Visio has some creative products for folks with little or no W-2 income. Look at the rental 360 product.

We would be interested in the contact information for the commercial banker. You can send me what you have in mind and we can run it by our investors. Thank You

@ Michael Liss

Hi Michael, I thought this went through. Please private message me the info @Michael Liss


I would love to participate in these discussions. Please let me know. 

I provide mostly debt for investors to expand but have invested equity at times if you want to message me.

Let me know when you can speak. I sent you a private message @Stan Sugarman

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