Powder Springs GA rental

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I just bought property in powder springs. My PM told me that this is great rental area.

However already 18 days without one application.

PM says its December, but when I look in Zillow I see many houses sitting for weeks waiting for tenants in Powder springs and I don’t see that in other areas.

Did my PM gave me bad advice on buying in powder springs, or its hard to find tenants in December?

Thanks, Shiri

Hey Shiri, I live here, and it depends on what area really. What school district is it in powder springs?  December slows it a little as well. 


What is your PM doing to advertise your rental?  

Are people looking at your rental, and just not applying?  Or are you not getting any showings at all?  If you're getting showings your PM should be following up and providing you with feedback as to why people are not applying.  

It's true that December can be a little slower.  I would suggest when you do get it rented to get your rental cycle so that your leases begin and end in the summer when school's out.  Mid June is a great time.  

@Patrick Miller the house is in North India Mound (Furlong Way)

@Morgan Klein The PM is using Zillow.  We lowered the rent in 100$ and they had first showing this weekend. However overall they say there is low interest. The PM told me they will do 18 month lease. Maybe lowering the rent more will bring more people.

you should be offering a standard 12 month lease. Can you message me the address and rental price? 

I suggest you take pets.  All my houses have fenced back yard.  3 to 1 advantage over the no pet competition.  $400 pet fee, some get $10/mo pet rent per.  

@Shiri Manor Nisenbaum , I just looked up the listing. Yes, there is some competition in that area. I recently sold my investment in Powder Springs. However, I still have significant investment in Cobb county. My nearest rental from you is 3BR/2BA that is about 10 mins drive on Thornton Rd in Austell. I rented that one for $1150 in about 4 weeks. I could have got $1200 for it but $1275 is pushing. My Powder Springs rental was 4BR/2BA and was rented at $1050 to same tenant for four years and was sold with tenant in it. They are still there! You may have to be at $1195 plus $25 dog fee per month. December is slow but I rented two of mine around this time a year few years ago. I tend to keep rent slightly lower to reduce turn over. Also, I don't allow pets but one in Powder Springs, I did allow it for $400 pet fee and no monthly charge but also collected two months rent as security deposit because they had bankruptcy that was three years old. Your location is desirable so it should move fast if rent is right. I hope this helps.

Thanks all! I asked PM to reduce rent && allow pets per fee. Lets see if it works. I love BP.

As long as you know most people don't move with Christmas coming up in in two weeks so be patient. It will get rented. I plan on average five weeks of vacancy.

I am actually looking to buy my first property within the Powder Springs as well and was kind of worried about the rental turn around in the Winter.  My PM stated that they would be able to have someone in by the 1st of Jan but I do not know if I can trust that for certain.  Thank you all for your input.

The house was rented for 1150.  My conclusions are:  We asked for too much rent. Powder springs is slower for rental. During same time of the year we didn't have any issues in other cisties in Atlanta area.

@Shiri Manor Nisenbaum

Happy to hear you were able to finally get it rented out. Were you able to get an 18 month lease to switch it over to the summer time? That will help you in the future. 

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