Small multi-families in Atlanta

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Hey guys!

Over the past month or so I have been seriously looking into purchasing a small multi family duplex, triplex, or quad in the Atlanta area because they would offer the most cash flow as an investment property. However, I have had no luck finding any that are nearly or already rent ready.

I was wondering if any of you all have properties that have good, positive cash flow with single family homes?

I also was wondering if Condos in the Atlanta area can have good monthly cashflow?

Sorry if this is a little broad but any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!



I just bought a townhome in east point for payments, incldg HOA are around 900 and i have tenants that pay 1600. I put 45k down. May not be a super deal, but I had some 1031k money I needed to use. I used an asset based lendet, so pmts are higher than a conventional would have been. But i also feel that these townhomes are very undervalued and are going up again right now.

So, it all depenfs on the numbers youre looking for.

I actually have a 2nd one of these townhomes under contract to close in a couple of weeks.

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@Michaela G. Thanks for the information! I think I will look deeper into some townhomes to see if I can find the right deal for me!

 It was in regards to your question about condos.