Boise, ID REI Meetings

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@Bryce Greenleaf Welcome! The Boise Investor Group meets the 2nd Thursday of every month so our next monthly meeting is right around the corner, our topic will be Using Private Money for your REI Deals. We are the largest REI Club in Idaho and our focus is on networking and education. We post our meetings on meetup and have a website you can visit. Links are below- if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

@Bryce Greenleaf ..Welcome!

 Darn it, we just had our quarterly Bigger Pockets Boise meet up last night!  Be sure to set up your key word one will be in Jan/Feb.  

in the meantime, the Boise Investor Group has great information.  

You are in a good market to get started in!


There's one more REI group to know about in the Boise area, and that's Avid Investors Club. You're welcome to message me for an invitation and information on this invite-only Idaho Real Estate Investors club.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month (Wednesday, November 18th is the next one). 

You can't go wrong attending any of the three, local clubs/groups/meet-ups in the Treasure Valley (all of which are listed in this thread). It will be worth your while in terms of education, networking and information. Hope to see you there and around the posts here on BP.