Best Chicago-Area Broker License Courses?

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Hi BP Community, 

This website community has given me the final nudge I need to pursue obtaining my broker's license this winter. I live in the Chicago area and would like to take a broker's license course while still working my 9 - 5. Does anyone have any recommendations on which broker's course to take? There are tons here and I know not all educational courses are created equal. 

Your opinions are appreciated! Thanks! 

Try looking up (Chicago real estate school).they offer flexible times for people who's working 9-5 and also a few locations...

I did my broker classes through CRES and my managing broker classes through RRES. Both send you the book and practice quizzes. CRES also had videos online of the instructor reading the book out loud. You also have to do the interactive part, either in person or via webinar, which is a total of 15hrs. Both books had way more info than you really need and at CRES they at least focused on just the stuff you need to know for the state exam during the interactive portion (which is really just you jumping into the last few days of the regular full in-person class). If I recall correctly that interactive portion was 5 days from 6-9pm or something like that.

@Luke Shaw I also obtained my license through the Chicago Real Estate School and I highly recommend them as I also worked a full time job while obtaining my license. They are very flexible.

Real Estate Institute in Niles let's you do the required classroom hours via webinar.  They do 3 hour blocks 3 times a day so it works well with varying schedules 

@Luke Shaw I did mine at Net Real Estate School. It is in Palos Heights now, so I am not sure if the location would work well for you for the 15 hour course, but the on-line course for the first part is very affordable. 

I also highly recommend the Real Estate Institute in Niles. I did the online course and webinars. it was really convenient and adequately prepared me for the exam. Just passed the state exam on Monday morning!

Real Estate Institute is also good. 

Wow, thank you everyone for the great responses! Not bad for a first post on BP.

I ended up going with Chicago Real Estate school. I like that they offer in person courses from 6 - 9:30 pm twice a week for five weeks, and their Lakeview location is (kind of) on my way home from work. Fingers crossed I'll be a licensed broker in February! 

@Luke Shaw , depending on where you live, you might want to go in person to Century 21 SGR - South Loop location.  They have one-month classes that are two evenings a week and Saturdays and not all classes are mandatory. If you are interested you can PM me. 

Good luck!

Real Estate Institute in Niles

Also thank you @Brie Schmidt for posting on this thread - I just listed to your BP podcast episode 78 and it was great! It was very interesting to hear about the unique dynamics of Chicago investing.  

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