Good? Bad?

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Hi All, 

I'm currently flipping a property in Pullman and interested in a similar distressed house just down the block.  The usual methods of knocking on the door and looking up the owner on Cook County site have not worked (several liens and owners listed on the so it's clear as mud).  

I'm looking to hunt down the owner to make an offer and willing to fork over money for to see if they'll get me in the right direction.  Before doing so, I figured I'd ask the masses if they've used it or have a similar/better service they would recommend. Accuracy is more important than price to me as this is a small investment to get the right info.=

Thanks in advance for for your feedback. 

@Tom Shallcross If all they go off of is property tax records, you'll just get the same info available on the cook county websites. 

Also see if there were any court cases filed against who you believe to be the owner and/or the property itself (like building/demo court). If so, check out the case file and see if they were served - if they were it should give you an address.