Chicago Lakeview condo deal

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I am looking at condos in Lakeview. If I can purchase a 1-bedroom for $250K and rent it furnished for more than $3K/mo seems like a reasonable deal to me, even with a typical HOA. Thoughts?

1br condo in Lakeview will rent anywhere from $1500-2000. To get around $3000 rent you would need a luxury 2br 2ba or a nice 3br 2ba condo. If you mean Airbnb talk to @syed lateef he has numbers of the differant net rents you can get. 

A more typical ratio for condo investment would be $200k that rents $1600 this is readily available in the South Loop and largely bought by out of state investors. There are also lots of garden level condos that rent at 1% ratio scattered around on north side.