East & West Aurora school districts

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Probably a silly question, but I'm kind of just really getting started in my real estate investing journey: I'm wondering, for the folks who have invested in the areas that roll up to either East or West Aurora HS, what has been your experience (good or bad) owning properties in those areas? I just acquired my first property earlier this year, which is in Aurora, but it's in District 204. I would imagine there are people doing very well with rental properties in these areas, but for some reason I just have a bit of a hang up about venturing out of the area that rolls up to 204. Any thoughts or feedback would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!

I'd be interested in this as well. Does anybody have any experience with investing near downtown aurora, il Illinois where the schools aren't as good and I know crime rate's a little higher as well.

There's quite a few small multifamily properties in the area, but what's the tenant pool like? 

The tenant pool will be mostly Hispanic.  District 204 is best, District 129 is second and District 131 would be my third choice.  I would be interested in knowing what areas you are looking at.  I recently worked for a property management company based in Aurora and I'm familiar with the area. 

I have 3 rentals and i have not had a problem renting. On the other hand I actually have to remove my number because i get too many calls way after its been rented.  People don’t really complain too much about the schools.  But im pretty much around the mcdonalds on new york and union cant complain. C-d neighborhood. If ur spanish is good. You will have no problem. Lol