Building my Team in Naperville

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I've relocated from Chicago to Naperville and need to rebuild my team out here. Specifically I'm looking for a good contractor(s) (wood flooring, tile, plaster, etc), appraiser, title company and property manager. I'm going to start attending some REIA meetings in the area, but I thought that I'd ask here as well. Thanks.

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@Joe Hermanson I know a great GC that services Naperville if you are targeting heavy value add. Mike is the owner of P&M Renovations.  He is handling a large flip for me in the La Grange area and will do drawings in house if you ever need them.   PM for contact info if needed.

@Joe Hermanson you should reach out to @Mark Ainley . His property management company is one of the best in the area. 

Does anyone else know a GC out in the Romeoville, Bolingbrook area?  Looking to do medium sized rehabs (Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and flooring. More cosmetic and not necessarily full plumbing and electric or major changes to floor plans   

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