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So I am in a bit of a pickle. Situation - we took down a wall between the kitchen and living room to create a great room open floor plan on a budget grade house to flip. Living room has hardwood floors (salvageable) and the kitchen has linoleum. New subfloor is needed in kitchen. Problem - now that we created a different a open plan, but we will need to have two seperate types of flooring - living room (hardwood or carpet) and kitchen (tile or linoleum). My fear is that we robbed the rooms of the openness with the two styles of flooring (a virtual wall with the flooring). Is this problem only in my head?

I have owned 3 houses with hardwood in the kitchen. Not my favorite, but it works just fine. Why do you HAVE to have two different floor types? Older oak flooring can be matched or something so close you can't really tell.

Thanks for the reply! You are right...I could have matched the old and new, but the quotes I was getting were ballooning quickly for a budget house. The solution now is to laminate floor over everything. Came out cheaper than any other combo I could come out with.

Make sure you get a good brand. I have used the cheapest I could find, then water hit the seams and it was crystal clear why it was so cheap... It would be a shame if someone spilled something on it, and it had to be replaced. Good luck!

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