Ever built a dormer bathroom?

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Has anyone ever added a bathroom via dormer in a craftsman or bungalow?

In my market there are a ton of 3/1 craftsman houses, bathroom located on main floor, many in awkward locations (accessed only through a bedroom). Most of these houses have one or two large bedrooms on the upper floor. No need to sacrifice bedroom space, most have potential for adding space by building out dormers.

Interested to hear your experience with adding a dormer & bathroom. Cost? Problems? Worth it in your case?

@Kristin Whitaker

I usually would not chime in on what I consider a "local" issue, however I am a big buyer of capes and craftman's here in New Jersey" one of my "niches" is building out dormers on 2nd floors. Every dormer I built always includes a bath (3/4) at minimum. Never a miss in increasing ROI and a huge hit with potential buyers and renters.

Thanks for the reply Jeff!

I realize every situation is very different, as well as great variance in local costs, however what has been your average cost for building the dormers alone?

Another country heard from. We frequently refer to the dormers as dog houses when we put one into a bathroom we put in what they refer to as a full dormer as this give you a good size bathroom and eliminates the cramped feeling. The bathroom is usually at the top of the stairs and the pipes are easily extended. Price varies with geographic location. You might consider a sit down shower that takes up less space than a tub and make the area look larger. Food for thought.

Sorry not fair as I am a contractor and the price varies on the property and the target market. I am working on a cape now that will have a free standing soaking tube, stand up 4 x 5 frameless shower in travatine, double sink floating vanity and water closet for toilet. Materials (inc heated floor, led lighting) are at about 4500. This includes plumbing and electrical and done to code and some. It will increase value 20-24K. For me and helpers it is a 4 day project in total and while waiting on inspections I work on other areas of home. It is on 2nd floor of cape adjacent to and between MBR and nursery/office. I would have this in my own home if it had stairs but being over 50 I hate stairs.....

Wish you were up North more Jeff as I have a 3-1 cape that I would love to add a full bath dormer. The ROI sounds like its well worth it. I wonder what the cost difference would be to put the dormer across the whole back side to include the upstairs bedrooms on both sides and if that would be worth it.

I am coming.. Next year. I will be attacking Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex.

. However anything east of Rt 35 or anything that smells like flood zones I am out.. The new rules and regs are killing all my friends. Sure work is getting done but way to slowwwwww. My flow chart white board would not fit in my home if I had to deal with the FEMA stuff that is out there and ever changing. A year from design to finish for a Modular R U kidding me.

@Mark Langdon is there small doggie dormers in front already with windows? ... Absolutely a full blown rear dormer and full bath is almost never a miss on a flip. Just look around the neighborhood. Especially if roof needs to be replaced. If you have Bedrooms up there already and it is a hold just leave be unless roof change then I might make changes then.

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