Chitown Flips!

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Who is wholesaling in Chicago, lets connect, i have cash for the right deal!

Maybe send a private message to Account Closed 

Thanks Jenkins,

I appreciate the feedback especially for someone just getting started here on BP!


@Kevin Dugan  Welcome!  Yes Wendell is a great wholesale contact.  Come to our meetup on June 17 at Bar Louie O'hare - I think Account Closed will be in attendance

Awesome Brianne, I look forward to meeting everyone! Right now I am in an interesting position flipping in Chicago from Los Angeles, but I make it out to to Chicago every 2 weeks or so to view properties. Lets definitely keep in contact.


Hey Kevin. @Ana N. is another contact for a wholesaler. Good luck

@Kevin Dugan  Oh!  Another Cali Guy!  What areas are you looking in?

Thanks for the referral Raji, I will touch base with Ana :)

Brianna (Sorry I spelled your name wrong above) - My partner and I completed one project on the south side in Chattam 9014 S Essex, 60617. Were basically open to any property that make sense with a purchase price between 50-300K.


I lived in Long Beach for a while! I'm in Chicago now, and I'd love to be "your guy." Shoot me an email and let's game plan

My area - Hopefully you mean Chattam and 90th and Essex 60617. Two totally different locations and zips.  Colleague me and give me a little more detail on what you are seeking. ill be at the meetup also.

Hey @Kevin Dugan  I wholesale a few properties around Chicagoland. In fact, I've got a 9 unit under contract in Chatham right now. Shoot me an email and we can talk later. [email protected].

@Timothy Riley  What kind of deals are you doing in Chatham? Rehabs or Buy & Holds?

- Zach

Buy and hold - I actually live in 60617 also.

Thanks for the mention @Brianna Schmidt and @Jenkins Ramon . 

Looking forward to working with you @Kevin Dugan  

Thanks for the mention @Raji Ahmed !

Let's definitely connect @Kevin Dugan

Hey @Brianna Schmidt and @Jenkins Ramon thanks for the referral to Account Closed hes a great guy and seems like a real professinal who gives a good name to wholesalers!

@Zach Shepard I sent you an email so we can discuss in more detail how we can help eachother.

Any wholesale properties in far west suburbs?

I am looking for buy-fix-hold properties (no condos).

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