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Hello All, 

We are investors in the Houston area and are putting an offer down on a property. This property does seem to have some foundation issues, and we are wondering what is the general costs for these types of repairs. We are new to this and so not sure how much to budget in our repairs. We are generally conservative so I'm thinking at least $10K and we will be getting a bid for the repair next week, but just wanted to see if anyone can give us a reasonable range for the houston area. 



what are the issues with the foundation?

When lifting the foundation you can break sewer lines might want to budget for that also. Will need to test plumbing after foundation is lifted $125. I don't let them fill the holes where they put the piers. If they break a pipe close to one of the holes it will save $ in digging to get to broken pipe.

I'm seeing prices in the $185-200 per pier range.  I have not figured out a way to even come close on estimating how many piers you need.  I am doing a 2200 sq ft house and its $7k.

I've heard if you are moving the foundation up more than 3 inches you are almost guaranteed you are going to break something, either drain or supply lines and sheetrock/brick damage.

Minimum costs if nothing breaks while lifting:

Engineer : $400-$500

$150-$225 per pier.  

The number of piers is going to be based on what the engineer says.  You did not mention the size of the house or what parts of the house have foundation issues.  The pier spacing can vary.  is the house sloping in towards the center?  This can greatly increase the cost.  If its the edges that are dropping it might not be to bad.

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