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i have a house that i am thinking about flipping. the septic tank was replaced in 2002 but there is a problem with the leech field so it needs to be replaced. right now a holding tank is being used.

the problem is, there is a brook nearby.  i called a septic installer and they said it should be grandfathered in but i need to know when the leach field was installed . how do i figure that out?   i called town clerk and she said the septic was replaced in 2002 but had no info on leech field

Hi Derek,

Depending where you live, you might be able to track that info down by checking with local companies that do the work.  I was able to find the one that did the installation in the 80's and they had records still.  Or maybe I was lucky and not all the companies will have that info on hand. 


@Derek LeBlanc

Mass or NH?  I'm assuming NH. 

If it is in MA then there will be a Title V report on file with the BOH in the town.

There will be a diagram that shows where all the components are.

If you are doing it in NH I don't know what is required to be on file.  Still probably the best bet is to go to the Town Hall/BOH office and see what is in the records.  Might have what you are looking for or it might at least say the company that did the installation and/or the engineer that did the plans and you can try contacting them like Allen suggested.

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