Is This a Good Deal on Kitchen Appliance Package for Flip?

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What are your opinions on this appliance package for a house that we're flipping with an ARV of approximately $370K? The appliance package is a Whirlpool stainless steel set, and we have a quote for ~ 5% less than the $2,400 all-in asking price on the website:

(NOTE: I have no affiliation with this site, or any other appliance vendor.)

Probably not bad Jonathan. However, check with Lowes. Whirlpool is headquartered in my city and when we did a 12 home project a couple years ago Lowes beat their factory insider pricing for us by $200 per house.

Looks like a good deal, though I hate that style fridge/freezer. Is $370k upscale for your area, or middle of the road?

$370k here would warrant a french door-style fridge for sure, and likely a gas range of some kind. But $370k in my local area is a 2500-3000+sq.ft home a few years old or less. 

Originally posted by @Jonathan Makovsky:

Thanks so much for your opinion and clarifying @Dylan Long  The house is in Trumbull, CT and for that area it's middle of the pack. 

Do you personally not like the style of the fridge, or do buyers not like that style? Our goal is to keep costs down and appeal to the masses. 

 I'm not a fan of the side-by-side in general simply because it's a compromise on both fridge and freezer space. They are less-expensive and easier to pack into tight spaces, but I find the french door style fridges to have much more usable space. As people also trend towards organic I find that more goes into the fridge, and less into the freezer, meaning have a fridge space that spans top to bottom is less-practical than a fridge that is located fully on the upper half, and a less-used freezer that people need to bend down for. 

I'm mainly speaking from personal experience on this one though. I know that if my wife and I moved into a place with a side-by-side we'd instantly be considering the cost of replacing it. But I can certainly understand wanting to save money, and if your target buyers are used to that size/style then can't argue with the logic :). 

Looks like a decent deal. Is there free delivery, and what about hook-up? And what about the cost of the extras, like extra cords and ice/water lines, etc etc. Those, plus tax, would bump you up over $2500, maybe approaching $2600.

It is a good price.  A couple things to look out for:

1.  Usually I can get Lowe's to deliver on 24 hours notice, which is worth something;

2.  The dishwasher is Whirlpool's "Gold" line, which is good, it is their higher-level line, but be aware that there is a noticeable difference between their standard stainless steel finish and what they call "monochromatic stainless steel" on the Gold appliances.  Probably wouldn't be noticeable if the dishwasher was far enough removed from the other appliances, but it is real.

Agree about disliking side by side refrigerators... I have one now and absolutely loathe it. When we get around to renovating our kitchen, it will be French door all the way. Sorry that it's not an answer to your real question, I just had to chime in!

Thanks all for the helpful hints. @Richard C.   they were out of stock of the dishwasher, but we're getting a similar replacement, and I was assured it will be the same finish. Great tip, and I'm happy I saw this post before ordering it.

We ended up going with the package and the total includes shipping and tax (we actually scored an additional mail-in rebate today too, nice surprise). Although @Karin DiMauro  we will need to get the cords for the ice/water hook-up.

@Raven Parmer  if you buy the house for the asking price, we will put a french door fridge for you :)

If you need a counter depth fridge, try to get a frigidaire package.  They are the best value if you need counter depth.