Cat Urine

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I recently found a home online that would be great for a flip. When I contacted the realtor, he was straight up with me, and told me that the house had a very strong cat urine smell... so bad that the last people he showed it to took one sniff and immediately walked out. He said it's been a while since he's been in the house, so he's not sure how bad it still is. 

My question is this: without knowing what the exact cause of the smell is (let's just assume prior tenants had a lot of cats that pissed wherever they wanted), how hard is it to get rid of cat urine smell...and is the solution permanent? 

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Distilled white vinegar will take care of it--no problemo!

just pour a bottle or 2 all over the house let it soak in windows to get out vinegar 

smell-in a few days its like new.

If it has carpet, remove that. Use the vinegar a few times...then before you install flooring, I would use Kilz on the subfloor.  

We did that with a recent duplex rehab and added laminate flooring.

No smell.

@Kevin Nichols  

it always comes back when the heat and humidity returns. Use ODORXIT and it never comes back. You can't cover it up with Kilz, polyurethane, anything. If it's in the wood, it will come back. 

It's the "only" thing I have found to work.  Their system works. 

We had a flip a few years ago. Bad urine problem soaked thru the carpets and pads to the wood floors. We bleached so strong, I thought my wife would die. Then sanded the floors, then poly urethane. Smelled good, it was late winter, so we had the new carpet installed, and put the house on the market. About 30 days later Spring sprung and a couple the Realtor brought over said that there was some kind of smell that wasn't right. Within a couple of weeks, it was plain that with heat and humidity, the smell was coming back in a major way. The house was in sellable. I searched the internet and found ODORXIT, we pulled up the new carpet and pad, called the guy and followed his instructions. Then relayed the carpet, and sold the house. Never heard any complaints after that. 

I had a cat that sprayed and it's not easy to get rid of the smell. Usually a cat will continually pee in the same area time and time again. You might find that you need to replace some of the plywood subfloor in those hotspots. You may have to since the warping could be really bad depending on the cat's enthusiasm for marking his territory;)

@Arlan Potter - does it work on hardwood floors?  I read all the testimonials on their website (of course they were all 5 star reviews).  I'm looking at a cat house for my first flip.  Concrete slab with hardwood in 70% of the house, tile and linoleum tiles in the rest of the house so easy enough to take up the flooring but if I can avoid the expense that would be great.