Jenn-Air Issues

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Recently bought a house with a 1978 Jenn-Air electric range. There are multiple problems and it looks tired. Have rented the house and don't want to spend $2500 on a new one. It is located in a room center so can't vent through a cabinet. I put in a new fridge, washer and dryer. Rent is $1325. 

Thinking used but finding an installer is problematic and the exhaust venting may not line up. Thoughts?

Look into an "island hood" and vent through the ceiling.  Or, just replace with electric.  Most codes don't require hoods for electric ranges.

Thinking island hood a couple grand to vent outside etc. Electric w/o venting? Interesting.

You are going to have to check the codes for your area and the manufacturer specifications of the specific range you are looking at but most modern ranges (gas or electric) can typically be installed without a vented hood.   This assumes a few things like there is a decent ventilation (window nearby) and a wooden cabinet isn't installed obscenely close to the cooktop, etc.  But with a little research you should be able to easily replace that range for way less than $2500 and w/o a vented hood.

there are downdraft vent systems intended for use on island and peninsula cooktops. 

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