Renovating a kitchen

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I am rehabbing an apartment in South Miami.

I have always used new kitchens as the kitchen and bathrooms make the sale.

This apartment looks good, but just little outdated. Apartments in that complex go for around 100 000.

I was thinking of IKEA kitchen that would cost me 2000 dollars all together.

My question- Is there any other cheaper way to renovate kitchen?

-May be just change cabinet doors and handles?

-May be change countertops etc?

Or am I fooling myself by the end of the day? Anybody has experience or comments how was it to sell an apartment with new kitchen or "half new kitchen" in South of Miami??? 


Depending on current cabinet condition, you could refinish them and add new hardware and then update backsplash and counters. Depending on what you plan to do with the property (lease or flip). If flip, then granite counters and glass tile backsplash. If leasing, then cheap tile backsplash and either Formica or Silestone counters. Just my opinion on what I would do. Keep us posted and send pics when updated.

do you have pics? You can reface cabinets, you can refinish cabinets, or you can replace cabinets. 100,000 ARV doesn't sound like the investment you wanna go overboard on unless you got it for 30k haha

Like others have said you can reface the cabinets.  You can also paint them depending on the condition they are in.  A new countertop and backsplash can work wonders as well.

Just make sure you are not overspending on a kitchen for a 100k house/condo.

For a $100,000 condo with a kitchen like that I would put new hardware on the cabinets and clean them if they are dirty.

Put a nice looking inexpensive backsplash up.  Are the countertops in rough shape?  If they are I would just get a nice looking average priced countertop/backsplash that matches.

@Michael Noto  

Thanks for quick answer.

What do you think how much would it cost me?  Are we talking about 1000 dollars or less?

The new Ikea kitchen with everything would cost me 1500-2000

Does your price include installation? I think painting the cabinets and new countertop is the most economical way to go. Also a nice faucet for the sink. How does the sink look btw? What other areas of the home need freshening?
2000 it seems is a lot for that small kitchen.

@Mary lou L.  

Thanks for feedback.

Yes, 1500-2000 is the full price, with installation and everything

@Mary lou L. I sold the place without renovating it. Market is hot and offers are coming in :)

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