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I just purchased a home in a good neighborhood that I am flipping.  There are no leaks in the roof, however, it appears to be about 15 years old.  There is limited discoloration in areas.  I want to know whether is will be worth replacing the roof?

@Robert Broadie ..It depends..I probably would replace to get the most on the resell(selling point of new roof) and it will add to curb appeal..

@Robert Broadie  In NC, you're probably looking at $4000 to $6000 for a new roof. It's probably worth it to get 3 quotes and see where they are.

I don't know if most folks know how much a new roof cost. 

If you have no leaks, I would focus on using your rehab capital on the visuals in the home for a wow factor. If questions come up about the roof, mention there are no leaks, etc.

They'll end up getting a home inspection and the inspector will do a good job pointing it out. You can always negotiate down a little since realistically, you probably have 3-5 more years before you "must" get a new roof.


@Robert Broadie   I agree with everyones replies to you. As a former roofing contractor I wish to suggest something to you. You may be able to reduce costs by installing a roofing system over top of the existing system. This normally happens with roofs with 1 layer that are asphalt shingles and some flat roof systems. There are plenty of variables that decide this option but here are a few:

1) The city/county may not approve an "over top" installation if it more than one layer already. It is very dangerous and may cause a cave in due to high weight loads.

2) This may void some manufacturer warranties. Not all but some. Again, ask your bidding contractors.

3)The roofing decking should be thoroughly inspected from the inside (attic, etc) and outside (look for dips, bows, water damaged areas) for areas of the roof that may be wood rot. A new roof on top of bad plywood spot is not acceptable by any standards.

Over top roofing systems are very common if the stars line up and may save you some good money.  I ADVISE YOU TO ONLY QUESTION YOUR ROOFING CONTRACTORS ABOUT THIS OPTION GIVEN THAT I DO NOT KNOW YOUR ROOFS STATUS!! Good Luck and let us know what you've decided!!

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