Getting List for Code Violations

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What's the best way to locate properties with code violations? I can easily locate a list of vacant buildings but I don't think that's what I want.

Looking to by properties that are in danger of being condemned due to code compliance. Invest money to get them back in good standing and then hold as rentals.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Great question! I'm afraid I can't help much as I am very new to this but your idea is a different approach to finding properties. I'm curious how you can find a list of vacant properties? I had thought of that, then contact the owners, but do not know where to find that info our at...county site or elsewhere? I'll follow this and see what great info others give you also. Good luck!


usually each city/county has a Building Department, ie in NYC it is BIS (building information system)

i'd go from there, as yea, the more violations a building has been cited for, the more likely the tenants (or distressed owner) have defaulted on their rent (or mort) and decided to live in it rent-free while the mortgage is in breach.

Try calling the City, County or local Authority Building or Planning Departments... Ask them for Red Tagged houses because you want to work with property owners to bring the buildings back up to code.. it's worked for me in the past but each dept is different..

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