Looking for a Architect/Drafter referral in OC area.

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Looking to make some structural changes to a flip property and need an investor friendly architect or drafter to develop the original drawings for approval.



I will check it out.

Thanks Caroline.

I came across this company in researching engineers in the past. They seem able, and affordable, and I had tight time lines I was looking for. It ended up our architect dropped some other work to do more of our stuff, so I ended up not needing them.  If it's something structural, you will need a structural engineer.

 What exactly are you wanting to build? 


An architect/drafter can't make a structural calculations for it, I used to use Staad for my structural computations. If it isn't doesn't need a structural computation or engineer stamp, just use a drafter, you don't need an architect for it.

YOu should try LinkedIn for Architectural Interiors - Designer and Detailers ....Designers RX are quite good in this work...

Thanks Karen! I'm trying to change the pitched roof on a duplex in Newport Beach (Balboa are) to add height and living space for new bathrooms to be added.

@Allen Motakef you need a structural engineer, to make sure that the structure below will be able to support your new bathroom and fixtures, etc. It's not just redesigning the roof, it's beefing up lower walls, adding floor joists in the upper floors,  etc. to handle the new loads. Then there will be the energy calcs, etc. required for adding any new windows, etc. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. 

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