Having problems finding a house to flip.

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I'm already pre-approved for a 203k loan and I'm looking at houses to do a flip, but the houses I'm finding the numbers just don't work.  Or if the numbers do work, they want cash only.  Just so frustrated right now. 

I am in a similar situation myself. I recently searched "we buy houses" on Craigslist and contacted some wholesalers in my area. I told them that I am in the market for a fixer and asked them to put me on their buyers list. I think by doing this it'll help get more eyes out there looking and something should eventually come my way. 

@Rita Temple Hi Rita, you probably don't want to hear it but just keep on looking, keep 

viewing properties in person, keep making offers and don't give up. Stick to the numbers and if they don't work for you, so be it..move on to the next just make sure they numbers work don't get a property just to get one. It will cost you in the long run. I looked at almost 60 houses before I bought my first one to rehab and flip, several of them along the way I feel in love with and wanted to make an offer however, the numbers on those didn't work for me and my mentor trained me to not get emotional and always stick to your numbers.

Keep looking, you will get better at knowing what you want and don't want and the right property will come along for you.

Good Luck!