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I am a new investor in New Jersey, I am hoping to meet a mentor who performs fix and flips throughout the tri state area (mostly nj though). I personally want to learn about the actual rehab process, a mentor who does a lot of his own construction would be ideal.

The benefit of helping me out is that I do have the money to get into real estate investing so, if i learn with you there is serious potential for a partnership soon if both of our ideas line up. Additionally, while learning under you I would help do rehab work for free. Let me know if anyone hunks this sounds interesting.


Thomas Young

Hi Thomas Congrats on getting started. Have you gone to your local REIA meetings? Also you can pull a list of most recent sales in the area see who fixed and flipped in the last 6months to see who in your area is currently doing rehabs. Talk to realtors and see who they recommend for rehabs. These are some ideas that may help you find your local rehabbers. I hope that this helps. Good Luck

Thank you for the input. I plan on attending my next local REIA meeting. I've been searching for some to go to recently. Any advice on reaching out to people who have had recent sales in the area?

Welcome to investing in North Jersey.  Listening to Podcast and reading books on rehabbing is also good to do.  I'm an investor/broker in North Jersey let me know if you'd like to discuss specifics.