Do you guys pay for online leads?

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Well I was looking for FSBO's in my area and I found "" which seems to have some really good deals, but I have to pay to see them; which I don't mind doing. My only question is, is this something ya'll do or have you found it to be a waste of time and money? I'm just afraid I'm going to end up spending hundreds of dollars just to end up with the same listings I find on Zillow for free.

I cant say that i have ever tried them but it looks like they are collecting public info, not sure if there is any value here or not.   I cant imagine that they are much more than a CL crawler program packaged with a nice website. 

that being said, if they save you time, and make deals easier to find, it might be worth the money

Ya, I'm probably gonna try it out any way. Being new I don't have a budget for $50 a month for subscriptions to multiple sites. I was really hoping someone on here would suggest a good site they use.