Boise fix and flip market

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I am considering moving to Boise and just wondering if there are some Idaho folk on here that can tell me how healthy/profitable the fix and flip market is like there in the metro Boise area.  I live in Denver where the margins are thinner than cellophane.  I think the whole world is moving here and it is quite annoying. 


Hi @Scott Lepore as in many places the market here is hot. Properties we like to flip are going for or above list. My advice is that you focus on marketing to sellers directly as the properties on the MLS don't pencil out.

"Thinner than cellophane" - ha! We can relate, however, like Lisa said, there are opportunities to be dug up if you put your efforts toward acquisition. I'm a buy and hold investor but selling a couple, given the current climate. 

Rents are hot too - I have a four-plex in a prime location coming up for sale that will need serious work, but given the recent lack of ceiling on rents lately we might be able to make some numbers work. 

I host an invite-only investor's club - hit me up for details when you get into town. Some pre-mls details float through there. 



@Scott Lepore -  Flipping does exist here of course, but it is not too friendly for the inexperienced right now.  If you do come check out Boise, get to know the market intimately.  Comps can vary dramatically.... street by street in some cases.    

This thread is 2 years old, but like most I'm interested in the area.  How is the market in Boise now for wholesale or flips?  I'm in the middle of my first flip in California and the markets on the coast are pricing me out.  Even though I will turn a profit on this home it was definitely difficult to find.

HI @Anthony P. - Market is good for many right now for flipping. Inventory is so low and buyers are hungry for homes in remodeled condition.  @Lisa Troxel - yes we sure did!  Luke and Clint are examples of those successfully flipping here. 

@Roy Leach - Welcome to Boise! (soon)  Are you going to be doing wholesaling here?  Been talking to lots of people recently considering a transition from Colorado to Idaho.  @Scott Lepore - I am curious if you made the move, also!  FYI:  We have quarterly Meet Ups. Next one will be August 15th...details to follow!  

@Jonna Weber - Yup... I've already started advertising and working with sellers there.  I should be there by Aug 15 so I hope to make the meetup.
How are the outlying areas from Boise like Caldwell, Nampa, or even Emmet?  Is there more inventory than Boise & Meridian?