Do you need your own GC liscense

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If you are buying houses and flipping them (as the owner) do you need to get a general contractors license/insurance if you are subcontracting out the work and doing some of the finish work/installing yourself? Specifically I am in MD. 

@Austin Carroll  I don't know about MD but you don't need a license in TN.  Homeowners are allowed to pull permits and hire anyone they want without a GC.  It gets a little more complicated though if you're doing a lot of houses.  If you "look" and "act" like a business, they will treat you like a business and you'll have to follow those rules but if you're only doing a couple houses per year they pretty much leave you alone.  Hopefully someone that knows the specifics in MD will chime in.

@Austin Carroll Every state is different. In my state- as a homeowner if you act as your own GC on an owner occupied property you have to live in it for atleast a year. Below is the link for Maryland GC requirements:

Why don't you tell your subs to pull the permit? A GC is only used when you're a business doing multiple trades at a time. If you're the owner, you are simply hiring someone to fix your house.

In Georgia, the answer is yes - if you need a building permit (not a trade permit) and you're working on a house that you are not occupying, you need a GC license.

in Md I can tell you no I pull permits for alot  of the people in Md  that flip you do not have to have a GC lic but it will help save you money, but you do have to have permits a must in Md, if we are getting them threw drawings are just pulling a strait electrical permit  are plumbing permit that a must and alot of times at settlement table people want to see them when new work is done.

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