Contractor to fit my business

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Contractors seem to be everywhere, but the right contractors to fit my business seem to be elusive.  Specifically I'm looking for contractors that have a work force that can tackle multiple projects at once (if needed), are motivated by repeat business, and will give me solid consistent pricing. I don't want to keep running my own projects so I can work more ON the business and less IN it. Any creative suggestions or advice about how to track down the types of Contractors I'm looking for?

@Devan Mcclish Thanks! I tried that. No one wants to refer their guys so they don't lose them to other people. lol.

We had a GC handling all our jobs but are no longer working with him.

Do contractors ever come on these forums and connect with investors?

@Sabina D. go to your local REIA. contractors sometimes show up there. Go on the BBB call the highly rated ones on their site. I don't see too many contractors on here.

Post to craigslist, or look on craigslist, just screen the contractors correctly. Ask family and friends if they have used anyone they like for a project.