Umbrella Policy?

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Is there an umbrella policy that will cover us house flippers? I tried getting a policy through USAA and they said they would not cover me for my flips.. Any help would be appreciated..

Anyone? I can't find any company that protects against exposures from flipping..

There are some companies that provide construction loans.

Other national companies like State Farm will cover an investment property provided you can rent it in 1-2 months

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I'm looking for protection for my flips. For example, I sell a house a contractor does something wrong I'm not aware of, the house burns down.

You need a builders risk policy.

Thank you Mark, where would you suggest I go?

@Damien Clark  I just came across you post while I was looking for advice also. I don't know if you've found the info you were looking for (post is a month old), but I found another post where Foremost insurance, American Modern Insurance Groups,  and National RE Insurance Group were mentioned several times. I have no experience with these companies but probably worth a phone call. See below...

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