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I have worked in real estate in Spain for over thirty years. I currently own and run a nationwide property portal for Spain. If you need some general advice about Spanish property investments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Robert Edwards


Linda is bang correct. Spain is a big country with very different property markets from city to city and region to region. The global financial crisis has hit the native property market quite differently than the holiday home market which dominates the costal regions.

If you want proper analysis you need to look at local publications, English language versions will be very Costa-sentric and will provide a pretty narrow view, 50% of the property in Spain is bought and sold by Spaniards but foreigners of various nationalities all profess to be experts in the country as a whole. Which is quite impossible.

The Spanish market is fragmented by region and city and also opinion is fragmented because SO many nationalities have a vested interest in telling things from their standpoint

Hi Matt

I agree with some of your views above, however, I have lived and worked in Spain since 1974, 30 years of that in real estate, so I think I can see it from both sides i.e. as an English ex-pat settling in a foreign country and from the Spanish point of view as well. The Spaniards do indeed buy their homes, in fact, many have second homes as well on the coast. But here's a fact for you... over 1M homes are owned in Spain by the British, then there's the Germans, the French, the Swedes, the Dutch and a long etcetera, so they can't all be wrong!

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Hi @Robert Edwards

So interesting to see that you are in Malaga.  As a child, I lived right up the road from you in Fuengirola for a year and in Mijas for another 3 months.  I haven't been back since then because I want to preserve the sleepy little town in my mind.  My parents went back about 10 years ago and tried to show me pictures of all the changes and I refused to look at them.

One of my favorite memories is going to the feria in Malaga and the doll vendors shouting MUNECAS MALAGAS! through their loud speakers.  

Hi Linda

Nice to hear from you! Well, Fuengirola has grown a little since then... Perhaps it's better that you remember the town as it was. But then again, nearly all of the Costa del Sol has obviously changed a lot. That's why Nerja is still a lovely place as there has been a limit since the seventies on building height - the maxiumin is 3 storeys. And the Feria de Malaga, yes it's a great week of festivities!

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