Anyone use Harmonics flooring from Costco?

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Thinking about using some of their laminate w/pad. It comes to about 1.89 per sq/ft. Anyone have experience using it, and if so, what are your thoughts?

I've used it In my previous house and it lasted the 7-8 years with no noticeable wear, then we moved.  (6 person family with a dog and cat) Very affordable, easy to install and durable. I did the install myself in 2 weekends, About  900 square feet. 

I know I am late to this party, but a couple of points:

They put this on sale a few times a year for $10 off a carton, which brings the price down by about a third ($1.30 square ft before tax for the one I am looking at). Worth waiting for if possible. 

I bought some a few months ago for a rental on sale and installed in two bedrooms over concrete slab with plastic sheeting underlayment as recommended. Very fast install, despite only having a $5 hand saw to cut the planks at first- went out and got an electric saw to get the job done. One thing to think about is the reducers to go from the hallway/doorway into the room. Your room edges get covered by quarter round but you can't use that at the doorway necessarily. You can order the matching stuff on line but you just have to factor that into your timeline. We didn't, so we ran out to Home Depot and bought a bullnose kinda piece of sort of matching wood and that was good enough.

A few months after install, I do note that there are faint scratches from moving furniture but all in all I am happy with it. Am now looking at Trafficmaster Allure Ultra as another option for an upcoming rehab. 

happy flooring!