Best places to look for House Flipping?

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Best places to look for a house for potential House Flipping? MLS, Zillow, Auction sites, Court Steps... I have access to the MLS as I am a realtor but didn't know if there were better options?

These days, any place where houses are publicly listed for sale are generally not going to have very good deals.  There is too much competition for the "low hanging fruit," and there is almost always other people who are willing to pay more than what the house is worth.

To find great deals in today's market, you need to be finding them before they are listing anywhere publicly.  That means finding "off-market" deals -- those properties where you contact the owner (or have the owner contact you) before they have decided to sell the property.  In fact, in many situations, they hadn't yet even considered selling their property.

Ways to do this include direct mail marketing, advertising (car stickers, radio, newspaper), cold calling, door knocking, working with probate attorneys, etc.