Favorite paint choice?

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@Tim Richardson I think you will find that most everyone goes with a neutral color to appeal to the masses, and there are threads on BP complete with before and after pictures.  I am having a future rental rehabbed right now which will be my first that I did not inherit tenants and will have to pick paint color.  I cant remember the color off hand (kind of a cream color with semi gloss white trim), but I did go with a good quality paint Behr premium ultra thinking that it will hold up longer.  Although I am hoping the tenant, will not find the need to paint (everyone thinks they can paint but few take the time to do a good job) I have read in other posts that when tenant repaints they are making the place their own and tend to stay longer.  Don't have any first hand knowledge of this but sounds reasonable.  I actually wanted to go with a light gray thinking it was a more modern color...but wife vetoed that.  Good luck!

I always tend to lean toward a nice neutral beige or gray depending on the rest of my design choices (cabinet color/flooring) and what the area calls for. My beige is a custom color "egg-shell" finish from Home Depot (though I haven't done beige in a while). My grays are any of these (which are all extremely similarly light gray)...

They all happen to be Sherwin Williams cause that's what we first picked up years ago and stuck with. For interior walls: Agreeable Gray, Mindful Gray, Repose Gray, Knitting Needles, Requisite Gray.

Ceiling: Flat, off-white

Trim:  Semi-gloss, white

The general rule for home sellers or builders is to go with something that will be easy for the buyer to imagine their furniture in. Most seem to choose some variation of beige or gray walls with white trim. It's clean, modern, and neutral.

For a rental you might consider going with a semi-gloss rather than eggshell or matte. It's easier to clean and looks "brighter" because it reflects more light.

I like Behr premium plus Sandstone Cove (beige) walls and Swiss Coffee (white) trim, but it's really the only interior paint I've ever used. :D

For rentals I use a beige semi-gloss on the walls and white on the ceilings.  Generally white trim or leave the trim the natural wood.

Don't concentrate on drawing people in, concentrate on fresh, clean and easy.

Contractor Beige. Buy it is 5 gal pails and paint every unit the same colour. Repaint between tenants is quick and easy. When tenants ask if they can repaint in their colour tell them no. Tenants can't paint to save their lives and will have paint all over everything. It will make more work for you in the long run.

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