Help: Rehab contractor quote in Indianapolis Reasonable?

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Hi dear BP family

I have a newer 2006 house under contract and need some cosmetic rehab (Indy). This is a mid level 4bd home about 1990 sqft. We are projecting a 1250 to 1300 per month rent. Here's the first quote I got:

Upstair bedroom and staris New Carpet Throughout, about 1100 sqft, -- $1,860

Paint Walls tan color and trim and doors white, light drywall work included -- $3,520

Laminate flooring throughout kitchen, living, dinning. About 800 sqft, -- $4,845

Power wash home with a bacteria killing agent -- $350

Looks like some of the quotes are higher than California. Is this rate reasonable? Would you suggest get another quote from a different contractor? Any recommendations? Thanks!

are these quotes labor and materials? The laminate quote seems a little high for only 800 sq ft. My contractor charges 2$ sqft for laminate install. But I buy materials. Everything else seems decent

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For 800 sf the vinyl floor quote looks high even for material and labor. You need to break down to material vs labor. Are you buying the material or is it the contractor. My contractor just refinished hardwood floors for $1500 for about 700 sf. He is installing vinyl planks in another property for $450(labor only) for 3 room (about 700 sf)

I always like to get at least two quotes, but preferably 3 when I am working with contractors in a new area.  It's amazing how different they can be!