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I'm looking to do my first few rehabs while I have some down time this fall/winter.  So far, I have a system in place for analyzing deals quickly and efficiently, I have a few agents who are sending me off-market deals, and I have funding.  What I need is someone who's experienced to walk me through the process.  In return, I will split the profits with you 50-50.  

I live in Harwich, MA on Cape Cod, but am willing to do a deal anywhere within a reasonable drive if its more convenient for you.  If you have the ability to share your time and expertise with a new investor, I'm happy to share the profits and my time analyzing and sending you off-market deals.

Great model you have proposed. This is exactly what we do with most of our investors. We are a little farther away so may not work out for you but just wanted to say I like the structure. If you have any questions or if i can help in anyway let me know. Best of luck to you. 

Thanks @John Mathewson .  I am very thorough and have most of the tools in place, but I like the idea of having a seasoned vet work with me so that I don't overlook anything the first time or two.  I appreciate the offer and will let you know if I have any specific questions.  Thanks!

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