To share master bathroom or not

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I have a 3 bed 2 bath that I can potentially make into a 3/3. If it won't make much difference in desirability or monthly rent I would rather save on the extra bath. The dilemma is that the place is old and awkward, I have to work around 2 foot thick stone walls and as it stands my master will have a full bath directly across from it in a hallway that attaches to the living room. It would be shared with anyone that visits due to the second bath being a jack and Jill on the third floor. My main question is if that third full or partial bath worth the money I would invest in it in order to close off that hallway making a larger master bedroom and on suite out of it? Do renters/buyers care enough to make it worth my while in the end?

@Brendan Reilly

Run your comps in your area for 3/2 and 3/3. Check for any price differences. 

In my area, I don't see a lot of 3/3. So it probably wouldn't add much resale value. 

If you're looking to rent, a 3rd bathroom means more potential work and issues compared to a two bathroom. 

But if your comps show other 3/2 has on suite bathrooms, and it sounds like your don't, then it should add value.

@Chris T. That was almost EXACLTYwhat I was going to say. LOL

Lol, it really is amazing how many Qs in this forum can be answered with "Run the comps"

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