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Nearing end of a 300k flip. Consensus on need/desirability of adding gutters. Home is over 100 years old with new 750sq ft addition.

@Jennifer Umbaugh ,

In my opinion it would be wise to add gutters and downspouts. They are typically inexpensive and I've seen it show up on home inspections as something that needs to be fixed. Easy and inexpensive fix. 

This sounds fairly high-end.  I would install gutters

While they don't necessarily add a huge amount of value, the lack of gutters and appropriate drainage away from the foundation/crawlspace shows up often on home inspection reports, as noted above. 

Is this a house that already has functioning gutters, or no gutters at all? If the latter, then the answer is obvious. If the former, only you can determine if the condition of the current gutters are suitable for a rehabbed home. 

Gutters can be useful if your municipality requires you to manage stormwater for your addition.  You can pipe the stormwater runoff from the gutters right into the ground as a stormwater solution.


Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful replies. 

If you decide not to use gutters I would consider a rain diverted over the entryway door of some kind. You can you a small section of gutter or bend some aluminum.

Is it typical in your area to not have gutters? I can't say I have ever noticed a house without them, and wonder what the reason for not installing them would be. 

The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to move water away from the home and foundation. If the roof rafters have enough overhang and the ground doesn't slope towards the house then I would say you're good. With that being said, most older houses without gutters do not have enough of an overhang which allows water in the home/foundation.

I bought a property this year that had no gutters, over 100 years old, has some settling problems. You should install gutters just because they are usually standard however if your area doesn't require it which I would think is unusual,  then don't.

I literally had a home inspection yesterday on a home my wife and I are purchasing as a primary. House was build in late 2014. It has some cracks in the brick; Per inspector it was due to run off washing away around the foundation, causing slight settling. Was very disturbing at first with the home being so new !

Hi @Jennifer Umbaugh

You usually will need to add gutters, glad you decided to go that route. They are pretty important for keeping a house in good shape and any competent home inspector would probably tell his client that if they were considering buying the house. 

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