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In an argument with my designer (read: fiancé) about how to finish walls in a flip project. Do you all paint white with the intention of letting the buyers decide the colors or do you select colors for each of the rooms?

Paint gray(s)... it's the new white haha. But seriously the idea of a flip is a move in ready house. The person buying a flip doesn't want to pain the rooms.

@Marcus Hendren  For a flip, it's definitely your choice. No matter what it is, don't fight what you've got in there. Add a little flair while still staying neutral. As @Matt K. said, in come grays.

When it comes to rentals, we have picked out several (5-7 colors) that we like and would use in any property as they're all very neutral. My new methodology for empowering and personalizing for tenants is that before they move in and prior painting the property is on the agenda, I will test all the colors on several walls and let the tenant make the decision. The last time I did this, I sent the tenant just the names of the colors and what company they were from. She thought she was going to like one color and was convinced that it was going to be great. I told her that I was still going to put the colors up on the wall and send her pictures. Low and behold, the paint looked different in the property versus on pinterest so we went with another color (still from the approved 5-7 colors) and painted the property. Tenant is very happy because it feels personalized and I have a freshly painted unit that will look great when I go to market the property again for the next tenant. 

Sorry for the overkill, but just in case it becomes relevant, I figure it doesn't hurt.

These days, just go with Anew Grey from Sherwin Williams (or whatever the equivalent is in the brand you use).

Nice, neutral and pretty popular among investors...

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