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i have some questions about some electrical stuff in the house. so there are no gounds for seems like almost everything in the home. and they have some fuses that are oversize. my dad said that other than just changing out the box to a newer style that the wiring through the house may need to be upgraded because the old wires cant handle the loads anymore and were tripping the fuses so the previous owner just upped the fuzes. what are your thoughts? obviously its hard to say without a whole inspection so that's noted :)

Fire hazard. Time to upgrade the electrical. Needs a new panel. May or may not need to do a complete rewire, but be sure to have the work done by a professional electrician. Permits may be necessary. While you're at it, good time to add hard wired smoke/CO alarms too.

As mentioned, new panel old wire, switched breaker, who knows what else. If you get a trip, it means your load on the wire is more than what it is rated to carry, increasing the breaker will just overload the wire (since it will not trip anymore), and an overloaded wire will heat up, melt, cause fire.

I'm an electrical PE and 100% agree with above statements. If there are no ground wires(equipment grounding conductors) ran with the individual circuits you definitely need to rewire. In addition, it sounds like the existing wiring may have been exposed to prolonged overloads, assumed from statement about increasing fuse sizes, which increases chances of short circuits due to insulation breakdown.

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