Modular Home Rehabilitation

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I recently bought a modular home that I am trying to flip. The walls are vinyl over gypsum (VOG) walls with textured paper. The pattern on the walls is dated and I want to make them smooth painted walls. Does anyone have any suggestions?

@Preston Gealy   What is the pricepoint you can flip the modular homes to and what kind of spread do you have? Hard to say with lack of description and pictures but can't you remove the textured paper and then paint?  If not I imagine your budget cannot be that high on a modular home so I would consider wallpapering over it if you cannot remove the textured paper.

My wife and I did a complete remodel on a modular home with exactly the same wall construction as you described.  If you have a contractor that works fast, you remove the strips between the sheets of wall board, tape and float a joint out about 12 inches on each side of the seam.  Because there is no step down like on the edge of traditional dry wall you have to float the joint out further to not have a hump.  We finished ours with a knock down finish so we had to use a primer on the paper to get something the knock down mud would adhere to.  We did this four years ago and have had zero problems with it.  I suppose you could do the same thing smooth finish but you will have to use a primer over that paper to get the paint to adhere.  Also have to make sure it is completely clean.  We washed the walls with a mild detergent to remove all dirt and any cooking grease before priming.  

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