Need insight for reliable contractor

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Hi BP Members,

Looking forward for some insight for newbie fix and flipper:

Do you hire 1 company or manage several different contractors? 

Which is cost efficient and time efficient? 

Do you 1099 them ? Do they sign lien waiver ? 

Do you care if they have license or not ?

What is your turn around time to flip a home ? Normal homes probably 3bed-2bath-1500 sqft?

I am fairly new. The first three projects, I used non-license contractor. Their turn around time varies between 3-5 moths. The last two current projects, the contractor claimed that he has license, turn out to be 'false'; he use another person license (and pay him a fee). He never finalize his work and took the money (in one project, he did 95% of the work, another project he did 70%).

Looking forward to everyone's input. Thank you again!

Anita | Corona, CA 

Anita, I use sub-contractors and do the rest myself.  I have been using them for many years and like to have hands on approach to control the project.  Usually takes about 2 months and pay as I go which keeps them honest and I control the work.  If you don't do it yourself you can find someone you trust to do it for you.  I only do 2 at a time which works for me very well.  I don't hire a GC because they primarily just hire subs and add on to the cost.  In my experience most do not spend much time on your job and not all but many get prices for you and take the cheapest bid which sometimes gets you less quality and makes him (or her) more profit.  Just my take on it and I do have a considerable amount of experience with re-habbing.  I wish you well.  Always check your people out with references and qualifications but be mindful that the person who you speak with many times is not doing the job.  

@Charlie DiLisio Thank you for the insight, Sir. Really appreciate in what others are doing that I am doing wrong. The past two projects have been an eye-opener. 

Integrity is the key in construction.  I am loyal to my subs and consequently they take good care of me.  Also I prepare the work for my subs and clean up after them so they are in and out.  You don't need someone ripping out and cleaning up at 50.00 per hour.  I enjoy the business and treat each project as though it were my own residence.  Surround yourself with honest and quality people and you can't help but be successful.  Be well and prosper.

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