Need advice and contractor for major rehab

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Looking for a recommended contractor  for a major renovation project. Needs a full gut job. House has had major water and termite damage and will need to replace the floor joists, girdle, and sill.  It's a 2200sqft brick house built in the 60s.  The foundation and external brick are all in good shape, but the prior owner let it go for some time, and the leaking roof has caused a lot of damage.  I'm debating on getting a qualified GC or hiring subcontractors for each major job, rebuilding floor, roof, ac, plumbing, ect.  Any recommendations or advice are greatly appreciated. 

@Jeremy Bridges it really depends on how hands on you want to be. The advantage of hiring subs is after each once completes his or hers job then you can reevaluate the project and take time to do each step. You can also learn a lot. 

@Jeremy Bridges it also depends on whether or not you have any experience doing renovations.  If not, I wouldn't recommend starting with a project like the one you describe regardless of how much time you've got to dedicate to it.  Scheduling/managing subs and knowing what to look for in terms of the quality of their work are things that require experience....that's the value a good GC brings.  

If you do end up using a GC, I'd still spend a lot of time on the project asking questions and following him'll learn a ton in a short period of time.  The contractors I use are proud of their work & happy to show the right way to do things and educate me on how to spot issues, code changes, new products, etc. 

Thanks Sean and Don, I believe you're right.  I'm just having a hard time finding a good contractor.   I'll keep looking.  You'd think for a profession where your reputation is everything, it'll be alot easier to find someone that shows up and responds back when they say they will.  Thanks guys for the advice.

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