best way to get more business for wholesalers

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i just wanted to ask, what have you guys found to be the best way to market to get more wholesale deals have bandit signs worked for you

@Ellis Stone That's a great question brother. Bandit signs can be effective but in my opinion they usually are not as effective as I want them to be and they are a serious pain to put up and deal with. They are usually illegal so you will have to put them up at a time of day or night when there aren't a lot of people out.  If you get caught or they see your license plate number you will get fined for each sign you put up. It's like 50$ a sign in my area.  I didn't get a call from any seller just from a few cash buyers/flippers. So yes I got some value out of it but it wasn't worth all the hassle to me. However I only did it once and in order for anything to work you need to be consistent. I just thought it was so silly to wake up at a very late hour(I recommend 3-5am),drive around and find a good telephone pole, and run out staple the sign to the pole and run back into my car and drive off. I would recommend investing time and money into buying property lists and a skip tracing service. These are much more effective and will produce much better results. Or you can just start by driving for dollars and writing down the addresses, looking up the information on the county appraisers site, and sending that information to a skip tracer. Then give them a call on their cell phone! I would recommend this over sending direct mail because it is cheaper and gets a much better response rate. However different things work for different people. I'm not saying it doesn't work but I am saying that it maybe gets a 5% response rate whereas texting and calling them will get a 50% response rate. Good luck brother and whatever you decide to do just stick with it and be persistent!

Wholesaling has nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with sales and marketing. Just think for 1 second, if you were to open up a new business, how would you advertise? Same thing have to utilize ALL marketing strategies.....(internet, social media, newspaper, print, business cards, networking, etc etc etc...). 

I have changed from bandit signs to direct mail marketing and online marketing.  Bandit sign leads have dried up in recent years, and as someone above stated they are a pain to deal with.  My last campaign was over 6 months ago and I think I got something like one call.  Maybe its just my market or region, but I am finding bandits are less effective today.

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