Refinished floors worth the investment?

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My husband and I are 85% done on rehabbing our first investment property. It's a 1942 duplex in High Point, NC that we plan to AirBnB. 

When I originally did my budget, I didn't include refinishing the floors but after months of construction they're looking pretty rough. There are gouges in a few spots and the poly is chipping in a few areas. I'm thinking refinishing them is worth doing now rather than later since the place will never be as empty as it is now but my husband is unsure if it's worth the investment. 

Has anyone had to make this choice before? And what did you decide? Just looking for some sound advice or maybe some alternatives (?). The first quote came in at close to $6k for 1400 sq ft, mouldings, and 40 stair treads.

If you don't mind the extra work you should do the stairs yourself with a small sander. Maybe sand yourself and have them come in behind with the poly. I bet a majority of that quote is for the stairs alone. They are labor intensive so they price it out the roof. I would bet your quote would be cut substantially if you just had the floor priced and stairs left off. That quote is definitely high though - you should be $2/ft or less at least here in Columbia SC.

@Adam Odom

Here's the exact breakdown and you're right-- the treads are a large part.

Sand and finish floors: 1,466 sq ft @ $2.75 per sq ft= $4,031.50

Supply and install moulding: 520 sq ft @ $1= $520

Sand and finish treads: 32 @ $40= $1,280

And I feel like $2.75 is high from what everyone else experiences...

I’m going through this right now on a flip as well, had old 3/8” hardwood that I had planned to get refinished but there’s so many patches where walls have been moved, kitchen didn’t have hardwood before and beat up from Reno’s in spots that I’m ripping it all up and putting down engineered hardwood.. I’m in Ontario Canada but had quotes to patch and refinish (patching included large areas of about 100sqft total) and it was $5500 to patch, sand, stain the existing house of 850sqft and install new oak treads and risers on 3 steps and stain to match with that I was going to do the master bedroom addition different (possibly carpet) now Im getting engineered hardwood installed right throughout for $5500 installed seamless through all rooms and 3 treads/risers

Once its furnished, are you really going to be able to tell? Easy to stick out when its empty and really not cleaned up

For an ArBNB client....are the floors going to substantially take away from the experience and effect your rating?

Really depends on how bad they are...

My gut feeling is NO...... unless they are pretty bad, the tenants wont care that much and they will likely get some damage over the years with that kind of turnover

If I were selling/flipping it, then yes.....

@Andrea Cole Yeah and honestly the molding is a little high too if they are just talking about putting shoe molding down. $1/ft and it won't take probably an hour, maybe 2 if they use mitre/trim shears. That is something I always end up doing myself because I just can't pay someone that amount of money for the work! Same with painting, even though I despise doing it people charge outrageous prices for it. Either way sounds like you should get some more quotes and to me there's nothing like some gleaming refinished flooring to make a house pop.

We rehabbed a long term rental from the 40's with original hardwood floors that were a hot mess. We opted to lay laminate wood floors on top of them instead of forking out the cost for refinishing them, especially since we would likely have turnover in the property each year with pets and everything. It saved us about $3k going that route. I could see some people getting upset about laying something on top of the original floors, but it worked for us in this particular scenario.